I Started Saying No to Cosmetics and here’s why

Just like every other girl, I used to be a cosmetic manic. Oh the colors, the effects, the number of products! It all drove me crazy! But then I started to realize a few things:

  1. It started making my skin worse than it already was
  2. They test those products on animals!

It was only after this epiphany that I decided against cosmetics, boycotting it entirely. However, my friend suggested that I try out Nude by Nature and, while I was hesitant at first, I just couldn’t resist it. I must say, I was immediately hooked. I went through Super Saver Mama’s Nude By Nature Voucher Codes which further decreased the price and ended up buying the whole store!

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Why I hated cosmetics

I’ve always been a makeup fan, but since I suffer from severe eczema, I’ve always limited my use of cosmetics. However, I noticed that even after limiting my use, I still ended up having to face severe problems. The chemicals used in most cosmetics didn’t seem to suit me, regardless of how little I used. There were allergies and flaky skin and just terrible outcomes! That’s when I had enough; cosmetics isn’t for everyone!

That’s when I tried out the free trial makeup kits, and it definitely didn’t disappoint! I finally had flawless skin and makeup that didn’t cause any issues at all! With the use of bare minerals, they’re the one type of cosmetics that really helped me out. Let’s just say that I became a makeup hoarder after that! Because they are a natural mineral makeup brand, they help in immensely bettering my skin. So much for being a victim of eczema, I can now use whatever product I want just as long as they’re natural like the one’s Nude by nature cosmetics provides.

I would definitely recommend their products to everyone, especially if you suffer from sensitive skin. I would say that they’re the best Australian mineral makeup brand, mainly because I’ve tried most of them and ended up with terrible results. Keeping that in mind, you wouldn’t have any trouble with your skin again, it’s my guarantee!

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