Spoiling My Man With My Love Is True Love

I am totally in love with my Shane. I don’t care if he’s a Kiwi, I love him and I have always loved him since my school days. We have known each other for many years and he is the sweetest most lovable guy ever. We are married now and I always find a moment or two to feed him, love him, massage him and spoil him. I’m thankful to adult shop discount code at Supersavermama for helping me get the needed stuff to make my lovely Shane happy.

It was in grade 7 when I first met him, years when we were beginning to learn about sex & porn in ways to defend ourselves from unwanted advances and attacks. Shane was initially a sort of fearful dude but it was in 2005 that he changed. When I nearly got glassed during the 2005 Sydney riots, Shane in a fit of anger and rage smacked & mauled four Lebanese rioters and further beat down another 4 which sent them back and packing. Apart from that, he even killed a snake that nearly bit my leg as well participating with me in tough mudder Australia & fear factor.

When it came to sex, we both used a number of positions and techniques. Of course, I did peg him but when he would peg me I would feel the euphoria and orgasm. We’ve been living together for 6 years (and got married last year) and when he would try a new spontaneous thing each day to surprise me, which is when I decided to spoil him with sexual surprises.

His job at a petroleum firm often sends him for overseas expeditions and I would miss him. This is where I found out about his kinky love. He had signed up for discounts at the Adult shop and secretly gifted me a scented vibrator. Of course, I would want to touch myself and enjoy myself, and when I would pleasure myself I would reach the climax. He is such a sly devil that he routinely asks me for videos about this (Isn’t he cheeky yet a lovable dude).

He came back 2 days ago from Nauru and after dinner I massaged him. Then I surprised him by dressing up sexy lace lingerie and arousing him. He did it, he made it, he made love and it was an orgasm never to forget. Never mind his rest of the week off, I couldn’t let go of him because he’s my man and the best ever.

Adult Shop, Thank you for the best stuff ever because I want to spoil my Shane again.

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